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  • Mistake
    Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | 0 Comments

    Assalamualaikum Hello Good Morning/afternoon/evening/night

    A blessful month.
    This year, RAMADHAN fall on July.
    So, we are going to celebrate Syawal on August.
    It still okay thought,
    Excepect for the fact thAt I'm going to have my SPM trial a week after eid??
    I'm gonna lost my fun. A bit....

    By the way, take care of yourself. Don't get sick like me *cough cough* ihopeidontgetafever

    So, the PMR candidates are going to have their trial on this month.
    Two weeks more.
    So peeps, aren't you nervous.
    When I had my PMR trial exam. I didn't get a nice score.
    Okay, it's pretty bad.. 1 fail.

    Maybe it was because of lacked of study and on that time, I fought with my best friend.
    We had kind of misunderstanding.
    That topic was never being touch until now.

    So, focus and aim for it.

    Word for today : Mistake
    Everyone make a mistake. Either it was small or big. It may have or may not destroy everything you have. But, mistake are made so we can learn. Get up, look forward and don't repeat it. But if during that time, nobody trust you, believe, God is always there. Allahuakbar!

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