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    Saturday, June 22, 2013 | 0 Comments

    Assalamulaikum readers.
    Hello, annyoeng! *wave wave hands*

    It's have been a long time since my last update.
    Exam loooo..
    So, the result have came out.
    How was it? Hmm, let it be a secret..

    Sebelum exam, Deanna selalu tanya dalam diri.
    Bila lah nak sedar dari tidur ni.
    Maksudnya, I'm still on my play time.
    I'm not inspired yet.

    Lepas exam, in two weeks holiday, Deanna dah sedar.
    I got my inspired.
    My dad and my mum is my inspired.

    Looking how they trust me to do this,
    Make me realise,  I should try harder.
    I hope it's not to late.

    Kalau dulu, bila Deanna a bit lost,
    Ikhwan always snap me back to reality.
    He is such a savior for me.
    For example when I lost my spirit on mathematics.
    He always try to help me, motivate me.

    Ikhwan and Deanna have been friend for long long time.
    Lagi lama dari Joedhy.
    Ikhwan was like a brother that always guide his little sister.
    Well, actually, 1 day younger only..

    We have been on the same class since standard 1 untill form 3.
    So we are very close...
    I always miss him nowdays, especially when exam.
    Because,  he always look back at me and asked "everything good? Thumbs up or down".
    And his funny face when he woke up from sleep.
    Every year, I face that same scenarios,.
    Except for this two years :(

    Ikhwan have gone to the boarding school.
    The best boarding school at Malaysia I think.
    I remember how bad I feel to let him go.
    How I cry silently when he come to comfort me.
    Aigoo, that boy....

    However,  now, both of us are aiming for the same things.
    Straight A's on SPM.
    So, I hope both of us do well.

    *People around me also always inspired me to go well. I thanked them.

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