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  • After 2 Years~~
    Monday, May 6, 2013 | 0 Comments
    Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Hiwabarakatu .

    Okay HOTTEST,
    After 2 years, finally our oppa is BACK!
    Auw, they are so HOT!!
    And they MV~~
    Come Back When You Hear This Song, Wahhh, So man~
    Back to Square One, This Is good. Junho oppa THUMBS UP!
    I’m Sorry, Really Romantic. Taec oppa, your rap melt me.
    Today Marks the 1st Day, this song is very classy. Nichkhun oppa intro was jjang!!
    Dangerous, unlike the title, the rhythm was very good~~ Grooving?
    Just For Today, this song was a bit sad. Chansung oppa voice just hit it. I have tears on my eyes~~
    Game Over, Jun.k oppa is the composer. This song is reaaaaaaaalllllllllllllly good!!
    Coming Down, 2PM maknae, Chansung Oppa lyric.. This song is very sensual I think?
    Go Back,this song touch my heart,feel very close with me. Wooyoung oppa voice whisper to me.
    Love Song, speechless. This song is really my type. Like this song is made for me? Haha.
    Suddenly, Korea version of Hanareto itemo. Still, both version is good for me.
    This song is a very sad song. I actually cry.. Jun.k oppa song is Daebak~

    Now waiting, All Day I Think of You..
    The title song...

    The conclusion, all the tracks suit the album concept~
    I think our oppa is matured enough.
    This album for me, was very good.
    R&B is my favorite. 
    So this album really a HIT for me.
    With all the member improvement in vocal, I am amazed.
    Also, All the member are together, Such a joy for HOTTEST.

    2 years was worth of waiting :')

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