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  • Auuw, It has been a long time...
    Friday, April 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

    It has been a long time right? Omo.
    Sorry Dear, not my fault.
    You can blame twitter.

    Today is my birthday. Aushhh.
    I'm getting old.
    Now, I'm sweet 17. Haha.

    This year, nothing different, it just that new classmate so new voice that sing my birthday song.
    The truth, I'm really shy when they start singing.
    Like seriously?  But still, I'm overwhelmed.

    Thats all for today, gotta go.
    Tomorrow I got a camp at Ulu Langat.
    Lubuk Manggis? Or whatsoever~~
    I'm gonna have fun, I think?
    Thanks all my dear friend. Wait for my treat.

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